Epax EcoVision

Our environmental stewardship policy

From source to finished Omega-3 ingredients


- In-house Sourcing - Proof of Traceability - Quality Control Throughout the Production Chain


Traceability of finished marine ingredients is an expensive, time- consuming undertaking. It requires extensive tracking and the global monitoring of fishing, transportation and manufacturing process. Through our quality controlled manufacturing chain and vertical integration, we can track our ingredients from the source to the finished Omega-3 ingredients.

Pioneering Omega-3


- Strict Sourcing Standards - Regulated Fisheries - By-catch Precautions - Pollution Prevention


Oceans naturally replenish themselves. The key to sustainability is to make sure we don’t exhaust our ocean’s resources faster than they can be replenished.For Epax®, the 180-year history of balancing resource use and resource renewal has fostered respect for environmental  regulation.  Accordingly, the Epax EcoVision programme is based on the  unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. In fact, Epax® was the first ingredient company to initiate and receive Friend Of the Sea (FOS) certification for documented, traceable and sustainable operations. This is now a given in the Omega-3 industry, and we are proud to have led the way. 

The importance of accepting


- Zero Waste Policy - Eco-friendly Manufacturing - Eco-friendly Finished Materials


Epax® holds itself accountable to practices that help maintain healthy oceans and healthy neighborhoods. This concern helps shape the daily manufacturing and business activities because these actions directly impact the well-being of the communities where we live and do business.