Epax EcoVision

A company with the right values

Epax® is a company you can rely on to take its responsibilities seriously. We care about healthy oceans, strong communities and fair working practices – and we hold ourselves accountable. Part of Pelagia AS, we share the same ESG programme which you can read more about here (opens in new window). 

An unwavering commitment to sustainability

We believe in responsible management of marine resources and oceans that are kept clean and free of waste. This is another area where we have set new standards, in 2007 we became the first Omega-3 ingredient company to receive Friend of the Sea sustainability certification.

In 2010, we launched Epax® EcoVision, our environmental stewardship policy. It sets out our long-term commitment to responsible and sustainable operating practices.

These include a very strict approach to fishing regulations – we never take material from unregulated or unsustainable sources. All the crude oil we use comes from fisheries managed according to the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. 

Our distillation process is the most environmentally friendly way to achieve highly concentrated products without creating unwanted waste materials. And we are continually looking for new ways to further reduce our carbon footprint – for example, we are switching to renewable energy wherever we can.

We hold a MarinTrust certificate, a 3rd party verification of responsible business conduct by MarinTrust Ltd. Our environmental management system is certified ISO 14001 by DNV.


The traceability of marine ingredients is crucial. It is a prerequisite for sustainability and for quality at every stage of the supply chain.

However, it requires extensive tracking and global monitoring of the fishing, transportation and manufacturing processes.

Epax® is part of a vertically integrated supply and manufacturing chain. This means we can guarantee quality control and track our ingredients all the way from the ocean to the finished product.