Vertically integrated through Pelagia

Since 2017, Epax® has been part of Norwegian fishery giant Pelagia AS, a leading producer of pelagic fish products for human consumption, and an important supplier of essential ingredients.

With Pelagia's “100% utilization of the fish”-policy, strengthening the presence in the nutraceutical market was a logical next step, and we are very happy they chose Epax® as their collaborator. To Epax®, the ownership means that we have access to new technologies, new marine ingredients, and a stable and predictable supply of premium quality raw materials at all times.  

Pelagia AS operates twenty-six factories based in Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark. Twenty-three of these are 100% owned, while three are partly owned associates. 


Pelagia Feed
The feed division’s core business is production of fishmeal, protein concentrates and fish oil in Norway, UK and Ireland. Pelagia Feed have seven production facilities for fishmeal and fish oil, and three facilities for production of protein concentrates and oil. In addition, Pelagia feed has a facility with significant storage capacity in Egersund approved as a border station for importation of protein and oils from third countries. Pelagia Feed employes 209 full-time equivalents, and is led by Arnt-Ove Hoddevik.


Pelagia Food
Pelagia Food is engaged in landing, refining and sale of pelagic fish for human consumption and has 14 production facilities in Norway, from Honningsvåg in the north to Egersund in the south. In addition, Pelagia Food has Production facility for refining and marinating in Skagen, Denmark,  and owns 50 per cent of a production facility in Shetland. In Ukraine, Pelagia is engaged in Whole sale through its partly owned companies Egersund Ukraine LLC and Moreproducts LLC.  Pelagia Food employes 500 full-time equivalents, and is led by Magnus Strand.

Pelagia AS is owned by Austevoll Seafood ASA and Kvefi AS in a 50/50 share split.