Our philosophy is to always deliver

Purity, Quality, Innovation

With a long and proud manufacturing history and an unfailing focus on excellence, Epax® offers safe, effective, high-quality marine ingredients. Everything we do is based on three core principles: Purity, Quality and Innovation.

Purity beyond industry standards

Purity is a never-ending focus for Epax®. In our quest to deliver ingredients free from environmental and oxidative impurities, we go above and beyond industry standards.


Our specifications not only meet, but surpass the requirements of:

  • The EU and US Pharmacopoeias
  • The Codex Alimentarius standard
  • The GOED Monograph
  • IFOS 5-star rating standards

A new approach to purification 

Our Omega-3 process begins with high-quality, human-grade crude oil. After being refined it is purified using a proprietary process that allows us to avoid the use of hexane, acetone, methanol, petroleum ether and excessive heat.

We then monitor for 22 environmental and oxidative impurities. Testing shows that 75% of these are repeatedly below detection limits set by leading external laboratories, and we even test for several parameters that are not regulated.


Stricter oxidation limits

Oxidation is an important indicator of the quality of oil. Low oxidation levels can help guard against the formation of free radicals, improve sensory characteristics and extend shelf life. Our oxidation limits are less than half of those set in the GOED Monograph. 

In recent years, we’ve made major investments in our production facilities and distillation processes, allowing us to create new gently processed, ultra-pure products. We can also provide customized specifications to help meet local regulatory requirements.

Quality in everything we do

While most companies talk about quality, Epax® guarantees it. Quality is built into everything we do – from the ingredients we use, to our expert product development and our rigorous manufacturing standards.


We have pharma-compliant quality systems in place – not just for our pharmaceutical range but for all our products and throughout our entire supply chain. 

All our products come with a three-year minimum shelf life guaranteed by an extensive stability testing program. They also meet the world’s toughest quality demands, including:

  • Pharma-grade FDA approval for manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates (we’re one of the few nutraceutical suppliers to have had it continuously since 2012)
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency approval for manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Full cGMP compliance

Hassle-free service

We don’t just guarantee quality in our products. We also take huge pride in the reliable, hassle-free service we offer our customers. They know that working with us means a simpler process with fewer challenges.

We make it easy to speak to the right person, with the right knowledge, at the right time. Of course our many skilled, experienced staff are available by phone and email, and we also have a team on-site to make communication even smoother.

Most importantly, we deliver on time. In 2019, our delivery performance rate was 95%.


Epax® Ecovision
A vital part of our Quality programme is Epax® Ecovision, our environmental stewardship policy. It is a three-fold approach to doing sustainable and ethical business; Sustainable, Traceable, and Accountable. Good for you, and good for our planet. Read more about Epax® Ecovision.



Innovation supported by science

Epax® was the first company to create condition-specific EPA/DHA ingredients backed by clinical studies. Today research and innovation remain crucial strands of our company DNA.



Significant investment in R&D has allowed us to develop new products and state-of-the art technologies. Our proprietary distillation process, for example, allows us to deliver even higher levels of EPA/DHA concentration.


Exploring the ocean for new opportunities

It’s not just about Omega-3. The full potential of the ocean as a source of ingredients is yet to be realised – and Epax® is at the forefront of exploring it. 

Our in-house R&D department has patents in hand and exciting new concepts in the pipeline. We’re constantly finding out more, broadening our product platform and offering new condition-specific formulations.

Companies that work with us get to be the first to benefit from these new possibilities.


A unique commitment to science

When it comes to scientific substantiation, no-one comes close to Epax®. The safety and efficacy of our products have been tested in over 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies ― more than any other marine Omega-3 company.

Further growth in the marine ingredients sector depends on the continuation of high-quality, unbiased research. That’s why we have more studies in progress and why we offer scientists study materials free of charge with no strings attached.

When you choose Epax®, you get more than just safe, pure ingredients. You can be confident you’re working with a partner who’s genuinely dedicated to scientific research.  

Read more about our clinical trials.