Our philosophy is to always deliver

Purity, Quality, Innovation

With a long and proud manufacturing history and an unfailing focus on excellence, Epax® represents and promotes ingredients that are consistently safe, effective and trouble-free. Everything we do is based on our brand philosophy Purity, Quality, Innovation.


Purity is an ongoing focus and a never-ending process at Epax®. Having a solid platform to continue to build on is key, in order to further push the boundaries for even better purity. All our products are molecularly distilled, compliant with Ph.Eur., USP, Prop. 65 and GOED, and they surpass standards set in IFOS 5-Star rating.



We consider both environmental and oxidative impurities to be equally critical. We consistently deliver on specification maximum limits below those of regulators, and we also include several parameters not even regulated. 


Removal of environmental pollutants Our Omega-3 process begins with high-quality, human-grade crude oil. After refining the oil, we apply effective purification processes which remove environmental pollutants. Molecular distillation is then employed for the concentration of the fatty acids. The end result is that 75% of the impurities we measure for, are repeatedly below 3rd party detection limits.  


Maximum specification limits for oxidative compounds Oxidation parameters are an important indicator of the oil’s overall quality. Low oxidation values means avoiding the formation of free radicals that can damage human cells. Low oxidation parameters also help prevent off-flavor smell and taste, and improves the oil’s shelf life. Our oxidation limits are less than half of those set in the GOED Monograph. All our products come with a 3-year minimum shelf life guaranteed by an extensive stability testing programme performed by a dedicated team. 



All our oils are produced to the highest quality standards possible, in a facility approved by US FDA for manufacture of Pharmaceutical Intermediates and approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).



As one of very few nutraceutical suppliers, we have had pharmaceutical grade FDA approval continuously since 2012, and this means that rather than just controlling final products against a set specification, quality dictates everything we do in our organization; from product development through manufacturing excellence and shipments. 


Customer service
We take pride in providing experience and expertise to our customers. To ensure a smooth experience every time you do business with us, our skilled customer service/logistics planners are situated at our plant in Ålesund. Direct telephone lines and direct emails ensure personal service – in an average year, 100% of all received orders are confirmed within 1 working day. Furthermore, 94% of orders are delivered on time. Of the 6% orders not delivered on time, 100% of the incurred delays are typically due to freight forwarder delays (weather etc.), and the average delay time is 3.5 days. Our vertical integration helps ensure security of supply to our customers.


Epax® Ecovision
A vital part of our Quality programme is Epax® Ecovision, our environmental stewardship policy. It is a three-fold approach to doing sustainable and ethical business; Sustainable, Traceable, and Accountable. Good for you, and good for our planet. Read more about Epax® Ecovision.




As the inventor of Omega-3 concentrates, and the first to create condition-specific formulas with scientific support, innovation is in our DNA. We are driven by our commitment to ensure that brand owners and consumers get the best marine ingredients on the market.




We have an in-house R&D Department, and we hold several exciting patents. In addition to the ‘shelf’ products featured on our standard product list, we offer a wide range of customer- specific formulas; in fact, 45% of our product range is made-to-order.


Production method
Our chosen method of production is molecular distillation, a tool specially developed for concentrating heat sensitive compounds such as Omega-3 fatty acids. The process is characterized by short term exposure to high temperatures, and high vacuum in the apparatus, resulting in low thermal load on the oil. This means that the oils we deliver have low concentrations of trans fatty acids and oligomers/polymers. Using molecular distillation as the starting point, we have the know-how to produce up to 800 mg/g EPA+DHA as a 90% triglyceride oil.


Scientific verification
Innovation is more than just delivering new products. It is also ensuring that the scientific database supporting all the benefits of marine ingredients continue to evolve, driven by un-biased scientists. This is why we continue to offer scientists clinical products free of charge, both actives and placebos, with no strings attached, to help them realize their studies and propell the science.

Read more about our clinical trials.