Product overview

We offer Omega-3 concentrates in a wide range of concentrations and EPA:DHA ratios, and in both ethyl ester and triglyceride form.

An unfailing focus on excellence means you can count on Epax® products to be safe, effective and of the highest quality. Our facility is cGMP-certified, US FDA-inspected for manufacture of Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for manufacture of APIs. All our products meet, or exceed, known purity regulatory standards. We also use IP-certified antioxidant solutions to guarantee they are 100% GMO-free. 

PRODUCT NAME PRODUCT EPA mg/g (min. values) DHA mg/g (min. values)
Epax Ultra Concentrates
Minimum 700 mg/g EPA/DHA
TGN EPAX 5025 TGN 500 250
EPAX 2050 TGN 205 500
EPAX 4030 TGN 400 300
EPAX 6015 TGN 530 100
EE EPAX 5520 EE 550 200
EPAX 4030 EE 400 300
Epax Core Concentrates
Up to 699 mg/g EPA/DHA
TGN EPAX 0460 TGN 40 600
EPAX 1500 TGN 105 500
EPAX 4020 TGN 400 200
EPAX 6000 TGN 300 200
EPAX 4510 TGN 390 70
EE EPAX 4020 EE 400 200
EPAX 6000 EE 300 200
Epax Custommade
Up to 800 mg/g EPA/DHA
TGN/EE EPAX Custom 50-800 50-800
Epax Ultra Concentrates Minimum 700 mg/g EPA/DHA
EPAX 5025 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 500 DHA mg/g (min. values) 250
EPAX 2050 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 205 DHA mg/g (min. values) 500
EPAX 4030 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 400 DHA mg/g (min. values) 300
EPAX 6015 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 530 DHA mg/g (min. values) 100
EPAX 5520 EE EPA mg/g (min. values) 550 DHA mg/g (min. values) 200
EPAX 4030 EE EPA mg/g (min. values) 400 DHA mg/g (min. values) 300
Epax Core Concentrates Up to 699 mg/g EPA/DHA
EPAX 0460 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 40 DHA mg/g (min. values) 600
EPAX 1500 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 105 DHA mg/g (min. values) 500
EPAX 4020 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 400 DHA mg/g (min. values) 200
EPAX 6000 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 300 DHA mg/g (min. values) 200
EPAX 4510 TGN EPA mg/g (min. values) 390 DHA mg/g (min. values) 70
EPAX 4020 EE EPA mg/g (min. values) 400 DHA mg/g (min. values) 200
EPAX 6000 EE EPA mg/g (min. values) 300 DHA mg/g (min. values) 200
Epax Custommade Up to 800 mg/g EPA/DHA
EPAX Custom EPA mg/g (min. values) 50-800 DHA mg/g (min. values) 50-800
EE Traditional ethyl ester form of Epax omega-3 concentrates
TGN Premium quality deodorized Epax omega-3 concentrates with a minimum 90% triglycerides

A product for every need

Omega-3 offers multiple health benefits. However, the amount and type the body needs vary according to age, life-stage, health condition and genetic make-up. As the first manufacturer to create condition-specific EPA/DHA ingredients backed by clinical studies, we understand the importance of offering a wide range of options. We offer both premium quality triglyceride (TG) and ethyl ester (EE) products. Our TGN range is based on a premium form of TG oil with at least 90% triglyceride content and minimal amounts of other glycerides or ethyl esters. Products are deodorized for the best possible organoleptic profile. Our two main product lines are: EPAX® ULTRA CONCENTRATES Next generation Omega-3 ingredients guaranteeing a minimum 700 mg/g of EPA/DHA EPAX® CORE CONCENTRATES Traditional high-strength, ultra-pure Omega-3 ingredients In addition to our standard product list, we can create bespoke formulas on-demand. In fact, 45% of our product range is custom-made. Visit our 'Science' section for more information on our condition-specific formulas, and the way our products have been used in more than 100 clinical studies.

Exploring new frontiers

Epax® has been a leader in Omega-3 for human health for many decades. While we continue to build on this expertise, we’re also creating new opportunities from marine ingredients. CARING FOR ANIMALS: EPAX® PET NUTRITION It’s not just humans who can benefit from our ingredients – Omega-3 can be a valuable supplement to pets’ diets. Our range of EPA and DHA concentrates offer many ways to improve their nutritional intake. We’re also working with the veterinarian scientific community to explore the health benefits of lipids, proteins and other ingredients from the ocean. BEYOND OMEGA3: EPAX® NOVUSLIPID EPA and DHA are the best known fatty acids for human health but they’re not the only ones. Epax® is at the forefront of exploring the full potential of marine lipids. Our new Epax® NovusLipid range will offer a variety of products containing important long chain fatty acids, and newly discovered very long chain fatty acids. It includes new Epax-patented ingredients with benefits for conditions such as reproductive and skin health.