GOED Omega3

Why Epax?

Epax sets the standards for safe, traceable, sustainable omega-3 ingredients.

Epax is a leading global brand of concentrated marine-based omega-3 fatty acids. The 170+ years of Norwegian marine expertise and ongoing commitment to purity, quality and innovation ensure products that meet the highest industry standards for safe, traceable and sustainable ingredients.

Ultra-pure oil that sets industry purity standards.

Epax is committed to producing ultra-pure omega-3 ingredients that are safe for ongoing human use.

Quality - Ongoing supply of highest-quality traceable and trouble-free ingredients from sustainable source.  

For all Epax ingredients, Epax ensures quality control at every stage from the sourcing of the crude oil to finished omega-3 concentrates, prioritized customer service and traceable ethical practices.

  • Production facilities are FDA inspected and approved for the manufacturing of cGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for EU and USA.
  • Highest quality, human-grade crude oil starting material.
  • High-vacuum molecular distillation used to create various concentrations for sophisticated EPA/DHA ratios.
  • Mild enzymatic processing reduces the risk of oxidative by-products and trans fatty acids.
  • Systems are HACCP certified and implemented.

Customer service and support

  • Epax global sales force and distributor network for local customer service.
  • Crude oil inventories ensure on-going customer supply.
  • Radiation monitoring: Since the earthquake and following nuclear plant break down in Japan in 2011, Epax has continuously monitored the crude oil for radiation. Certificates stating levels of relevant radiation parameters are received from the crude oil supplier and at this point there have been no detectable levels of radiation in the crude oil.


  • The Epax EcoVision environmental stewardship program defines the primary values and long-term ethical standards for traceable, sustainable and accountable practices.
  • All crude oil must comply with the strict Epax crude oil sourcing standards.

Innovation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Industry leaders in technology, manufacturing and product development.

As a leading brand in the field of omega-3s, Epax has a long history of “firsts” that have raised industry standards. Epax is committed to the ongoing development of new omega-3 products, high- tech manufacturing solutions for the omega-3 category and new marketing opportunities for Epax customers.

  • Epax state-of-the-art, dedicated omega-3 facilities.
  • Innovative processing techniques for multiple areas such as e.g. purity, product design, sustainability.
  • Industrial scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography for the next-generation omega-3 concentrates.
  • The most clinically documented omega-3 line of nutraceutical ingredients.
  • Global regulatory expertise.