GOED Omega3

Epax Global Partners

Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Goerlich Pharma GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 8071 9083 0


Marnor S.R.L.

Phone: +39 02 65 51 122

Australia & New Zealand

Pathway International Pty Limited

Phone: +61 2 9984 2700

France & Spain


Phone: +33(0)298-504-160

Nordic Region

Silvaco A/S

Phone: +45 482 40 222

North America

Stauber Performance Ingredients

Phone: +1 845 651 4443

South Korea

Sungwoo Interchem Corp.

Phone: +82 2 838 3871

Superior Customer Service Worldwide

Epax ingredients are distributed through the global FMC sales force and through a global network of local distributors and agents. The local presence enables FMC to keep the Epax customers up-to-date on current trends in various markets and they can also assist with documentation to ensure products comply with regulatory demands. FMC can also offer assistance on a variety of technical issues including new product formulations and manufacturing complexities. 

With storage facilities strategically located in key locations around the world FMC can offer shorter lead times and promise on-time deliveries for Epax products. In short, when you choose Epax, you get more than premium omega-3 ingredients. You also tap into advanced technical services in the industry, and a global network backed by superior customer service to guarantee your success in the marketplace.