GOED Omega3

Omega-3 Ingredients

Marine Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fatty Acids

Epax is the leading global brand of high-quality, marine-based omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acid concentrates.  The products are supplied to the international business-to-business dietary supplement segment through the Epax sales force in addition to the Epax global network of local agents and distributors. 

We have designed Epax products in various condition-specific formulas to address the most common health concerns associated with our modern lifestyle. All formulas are based on years of testing and clinical research.

Epax Purity Standards

Our committment is to deliver omega-3 products that are safe for daily human use. When you partner with Epax, you are guaranteed an ongoing supply of the highest quality oils that are consistenly pure, safe and trouble free. At Epax, our commitment to purity, quality and innovation ensures our products meet the highest industry standards for safety, traceability and sustainability. With the lowest omega-3 product specification limits for environmental pollutants in the industry, Epax products are guaranteed to meet or exceed all known global purity standards.