GOED Omega3

Clinical Work

Epax. The most clinically researched marine omega-3 ingredient Documented for Efficacy

The Epax line of sophisticated condition-specific omega-3 ingredients have been formulated in varying science-based EPA/DHA ratios to deliver targeted health benefits. For more than two decades Epax concentrates have been used in a wide range of clinical studies around the globe to identify the vital role of omega-3 DHA and EPA in pregnancy, child development, cognition, arthritic conditions, mood health, immune function, physical performance and cardiovascular health.

In fact, Epax has supported more clinical research with their omega-3 concentrates than any other marine omega-3 company in the world. So when you choose Epax, you are guaranteed more than just a safe, pure omega-3 ingredient. You can also be confident that you are choosing ingredients backed by science that shows they are effective.