Pre- & Postnatal Health

The last three months of pregnancy and first year of a child’s life are critical periods during which the foetus and newborn need polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly DHA, for normal and healthy development. An on-going supply of these fatty acids is essential to the development of both brain and visual function. For this reason it is important that the mother have a regular intake of DHA-enriched foods or DHA supplements during the last part of pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Studies have demonstrated that infants given omega-3-fortified formula show better intellectual development and visual acuity than infants given standard formula without omega-3 fatty acids. The same applies to infants breastfed by mothers with a regular intake of seafood or marine omega-3 supplements.

International experts, including the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) and the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids, have published recommendations for a 300 mg daily intake of DHA for pregnant and lactating women.

Marine-based EPAX 1050 TG/TGN with its high level of DHA provides the perfect supplement to support pre- and postnatal health.