GOED Omega3

Epax Quality Assurance / Quality Control

For consistency of the Epax omega-3 brand, safety and purity of every product delivered is unconditionally guaranteed.

Quality Assurance

To ensure consistent quality of all Epax products, we:

  • Manufacture our omega-3 ingredients in regulatory compliance with Norwegian and European food safety requirements.
  • Handle and process products under a competent HACCP system in accordance with the US FDA’s seafood HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123 and Norwegian and European authorities.
  • Have a quality system based upon the principles of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) for API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Quality Control

In addition to quality assurance processes, for Epax we:

  • Maintain compliance with industry standards established under the omega-3 monographs in the EU Pharmacopoeia and GOED Omega-3 Voluntary Monograph. 
  • Impose strict limits for our operations; our goal is to stay ahead of regulatory developments, continually setting new standards in the industry. 
  • Perform multilevel testing; all products are subject to stringent internal specification testing, from the applied raw material to our finished products. 
  • Perform on-going stability studies to determine the shelf life of every product.
  • Undertake qualification of laboratory equipment and validation of analytical methods
  • Employ 3rd party testing.